Dock Cleats

Waterway carries a variety of cleats to meet any kind of application. Our aluminum cleats are made of non-corrosive alloy to withstand saltwater. The galvanized cleats are constructed of malleable-iron and then hot dipped galvanized for optima strength. The nylon cleats are unbreakable and withstand any sun or seawater damage. A unique offering is our nylon fold-down cleats, which are heavy duty and can be folded down to prevent tripping hazards.

Dock Cleats
Aluminum Cleats

Model: C-12A
Size: 12″ Aluminum Cleat
Price: $17.39

Galvanized Cleats

Model: C-8
Size: 8″ Galvanized Steel Cleat
Price: $3.92


Model: C-10
Size: 10″ Galvanized Steel Cleat
Price: $7.00


Model: C-12
Size: 12″ Galvanized Steel Cleat
Price: $12.31

S Cleat

Model: C-10S
Size: 10″ Aluminum S Cleat
Price: $17.39


Model: C-12S
Size: 12″ Aluminum S Cleat
Price: $23.21

Nylon Cleat

Model: C-8N
Size: 8″ Black Nylon Cleat
Price: $4.62


Model: C-10N
Size: 10″ Black Nylon Cleat
Price: $7.78

Fold Down Cleat

Model: C-FD6
Size: Black 6″ Fold Down Cleat
Price: $16.30


Model: C-FD9
Size: Black 9″ Fold Down Cleat
Price: $20.89