Ace Boat Lift Tanks

  • Molded-in mounting holes in the top of the drum.
  • Threaded inserts for commercial fittings.
  • Large molded-in hole in bottom for water intake and exhaust.
  • Heavy 3/8″ wall thickness for structural strength.

Not sure what size or how many floats you need? Email us your dock dimensions, and we will provide you with the size and quantity of floats for your dock job. We carry hundreds of floats, so no job is too big or small for us.
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Model #    Drum Size    Tank-Tested Buoyancy Rating (lbs) +/- 5%
F-252 BLAT26" x 30" x 60"1000
F-303 SQ30" x 30" x 72"2150
F-183 BLAT30" x 30" x 90"2000
F-242 BLAT 32" x 40" x 108"3700
F-183 SQ30" x 30" x 90"2600
F-242 SQ 32" x 40" x 108"4500