Dock Wheels

Nothing could make docking in a high traffic or choppy waters easier than with the use of our dock wheels. Each dock wheel consist of a heavy duty corner wheel and a bracket. It is made of a heavy 12″ vinyl inflatable wheel, and the bracket is constructed of 1/4″ galvanized steel with a 1 1/2″ scheduled 40 center post to take the brunt of the boats impact. Each dock wheel comes with mounting hardware to attach to your dock.

Waterway Dock Wheel
Dock Wheel 12

Model: DW-12
12″ Dock Wheel with 4″ Lip for Corner Use

Dock Wheel 12 S

Model: DW-12S
12″ Dock Wheel with Straight Bracket

Dock Wheel DW-12WD

Model: DW-12WD
12″ Dock Wheel with 1 1/2″ Lip for Corner Use

Dock Wheel 12 HE

Model: DW-12HE
12″ Dock Wheel with Outside Corner End. 1/4″ Heavy Duty Hardware


Model: DW-12HLE
12″ Dock Wheel with Lightweight Outside Corner End.
3/16″ Homeowner Hardware


***Both the DW-12HE & DW-12HLE are used in the new construction of wood docks.***